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We Provide The Following Services:

  • All of the benefits of your private foundation with none of the complexity

  • Best possible charitable income, gift and/or estate tax deductions

  • Protection from onerous IRS regulations that can impose devastating liability on unsuspecting foundation managers

  • Personal, local service and knowledge

  • The degree of privacy you want, unlike "private" foundations which, by federal law, ironically have all of their specific financial information (donors, donees, amounts, officers and directors) on the internet (e.g., at

  • Experience in managing over $15 million dollars in over 170 funds with professional asset management and independent auditors

  • Grants to suggested public charities anywhere in the United States, not just Savannah

  • Continuity for future generations

  • Peace of Mind

Additional Information:

  • Types of Funds Offered by The Community Foundation

  • Investment Services

  • Investment Returns

  • A Cost Efficient Alternative to Private Foundation

  • Steps to Create a Fund

  • Gift Acceptance Policy

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