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Our Mission

The Savannah Community Foundation, Inc. benefits donors, donees and the community by providing a safe, simple, inexpensive and tax efficient vehicle for philanthropic capital formation, investment and distribution to public charities.

"Let us help others through tax smart giving."

Founded in 1956 as a "sister" corporation to the local United Way and reorganized in 1986 as a "community foundation," the Community Foundation is an umbrella philanthropic organization through which individuals, families, businesses and charities support the well being of our community.  The Community Foundation, a nonprofit Georgia corporation is classified as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS, invests in solutions to the area's civic, educational, health and human services, religious and cultural challenges.  Typically, more than 250 charitable organizations receive grants from the Community Foundation each year totaling over $7,250,000.


Watch an interview with Russ Simpson and the Mid-Morning Report on WTOC for an introduction to The Savannah Community Foundation.



Philip Solomons, Jr. Chairman of the Board

Stephen S. Leonard, CPA, Immediate Past Chairman

K. Russell Simpson, President/Asst. Secretary

Robert L. McCorkle, III, Vice President

Michael C. Traynor, Secretary

Kacey K. Ray, Treasurer

John C. Helmken II, Asst. Treasurer


Jennifer Abshire

Linda J. Evans

Jenny L. Gentry

Justin A. Godchaux

John C. Helmken II

Russell Jacobs, III, CFP

Ben Jones, Jr.

Stephen S. Leonard, CPA

Gennie G. Long, Esq.

Frank S. Macgill, Esq.

Robert L. McCorkle, III, Esq.

James C. McCurry, Jr.

Kacey K. Ray

Joyce M. Roche'

Philip Solomons, Jr.

Larry Sprague, Esq.

Michael C. Traynor

Bess B. Brunson, (Ex-officio - ELC President)

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone oremail.

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